Company Profile

The La Jeunesse Team believes that beauty is not just skin deep. This belief paved the way for the inception of a new Luxury Aesthetic Lifestyle Center that provides total, multi-dimensional services under a new Holistic approach.

We were all born with beautiful, supple and wrinkle free skin, but with the ravages of time, unhealthy lifestyle and modern living, our skin has taken its toll. Skin is the largest organ in our body and it requires constant care and nourishment to stay healthy. Our skin is the mirror of what we are. That is the reason why we combine skin care treatments with detox for cleansing and weight loss management and wellness program.

Our creator and proprietor, Ms. Naicie Lee Salamagos has an extensive knowledge and exposure gained from working with aesthetic, life style and fitness, quips “that this approach make people realize that being beautiful is being healthy inside out.” She has worked with hundreds of clients seeking youthful and healthy skin, and seen them comeback with acne breakouts or regain the weight after an expensive fat-reducing treatment because of crash dieting or stress eating. Having realized that for a long term, effective result, and not just a quick aesthetic fix, what they needed is an inner transformation, a lifestyle change.

The La Jeunesse team will help you create that significant change. Our highly experienced and skilled medical staff consists of 3 aesthetic doctors, 10 registered nurses, 5 wellness consultants, a nutritionist, a life coach and a medical director. You will not only enjoy a professional and credible medical service and treatment, but also the support and guidance of lifestyle experts who can lead you to what you can do and achieve every single day to feel and look better than you have your whole life.

The Jeunesse Experience

La Jeunesse combines the latest skin care treatments with weight loss systems in a complete tranquility and pampering that clients could expect from a wellness spa. The center feels very private, luxurious, and relaxing: blue and white color scheme, sleek minimalist look with European touches. This ambience is created to impart a relaxed and comfortable feeling the moment a client walks in. “I want clients to feel and believe they are in a place where they can attain a transformation,” says Salamagos. “You walk in, lie down and when you get out it’s a NEW You.”

We help create this new you by offering a full array of skincare services that includes deep cleansing facials to anti-aging and whitening programs such as fractional needling, platelet rich plasma, V lifts, laser rejuvenation treatments, and more. “You can feel more beautiful and sexier in as fast as an hour. It is more accessible to everyone because treatments are quick and effective,” says Salamagos

Second, our weight management programs are integrated with breakthrough technology such as- -intravenous L-carnitine, mesotherapy, lipocavitation, lypocryoporation, and tripollar radio frequency with meal planning and life coaching. Our nutritionists design meal plans that help maintain weight loss without the hunger or deprivation. Life coaches help identify the cause of emotional eating, and extend that essential assistance needed to transform unhealthy habits. This vital endeavor is not only a tool for a successful metamorphosis but as a vehicle to create a healthy way of living.

Third, the syntheses of technology and the care of professionals of the La Jeunesse team ensures a healthier client. A healthy meal plan is the foundation of a youthful skin and a sound body that enables a client to withstand the pressure of everyday life. A stress management program identifies the cause of emotional eating and help the client break it’s cycle thus imparting a sense of triumph and accomplishment in him. This in turn would give the client a sense of confidence and assert control in his life. The transformation then is felt and visible in his outer appearance. The quality of life is changed for the better- – stronger willed, confident, healthy and a change of perspective of living.

We serve a lifestyle need, not just a one-time beauty and a wellness experience. We work with short and long-term programs with a long-lasting health benefits,” says Salamagos. It is the La Jeunesse Metamorphosis, and as you can see, it goes far deeper than just beautiful skin.”